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Troubleshooting guide

This section is related to troubleshooting problems related to the KNX implementation in Shelly. For general KNX troubleshooting, please refer to a professional KNX installer and the respective KNX resources.

  1. Multiple devices using the same Individual address
    Such case may arise only if devices are configured (programmed) using different software not connected one to another (e.g. Shelly embedded web interface and ETS software). In case of multiple devices are using the same Individual address this does not violate the operation of the KNX network, but it prevents proper fault diagnostics when such a case occur.

  2. Improper Group address assignment
    Encoding of KNX Group addresses, i.e. their DPT type, is automatically assigned according to the first object added to that address. Then a case may arise where the DPT type of an object and the DPT type of the Group address to which is assigned do not mach. For example a Group address with DPT 1.001 (switch) may be assigned to a Long push object used for 4-bit dimming control, i.e. DPT 3.007 (dimming) may be done by a mistake. Shelly’s embedded web interface can not check such cases allowing the user to assign any Group address. When such is the case this will lead to inability to operate the improperly configured device, but will not affect the rest of the KNX installation.

  3. TOGGLE function not working
    TOGGLE function is solely dependent on controlled channel feedback status. In case this function is not working properly might be due to missing or incorrectly assigned Group address for the related to that function Feedback object. Check if TOGGLE’s function Feedback object and the controlled channel Feedback object share the same Group address.
    Controlled channel Feedback object must have its Read Flag active otherwise the TOGGLE function won’t work.
    In this case Manually modifying the Communication Flags of KNX objects is neccessary.
    Some KNX manufacturers DO NOT set the Read Flag as Active (see Pic. 1) on their Switch actuators' Channel [X] Feedback object. When the Read Flag is not enabled the TOGGLE function of Shelly devices won’t work!


    Pic. 1 Read Flag is NOT Set, i.e. it is NOT Active!

    When such case occur, the Read Flag should be manually enabled via the ETS (or other) configuration software. Select the KNX object which you need to modify and then Navigate to its Flags Properties - may be found at the right side of the ETS configuration software under Properties → Flags (See Pic. 2 and Pic. 3).


Pic. 2 KNX object Flags

Should be modified to:


Pic. 3 Manually modifying KNX object Flags

Pic. 4 shows how the configuration should look like once all the Read Flags are Set on all (or user needed) of the switch actuator channels.


Pic. 4 Read Flags are Set, i.e. they are Active!

Note that the KNX manufacturers may give different names on their equipment for the Switch object and for the Feedback object. For example in the case above, for Channel [X] (1-4) the manufacturer is using R[X] Input for Switch object and R[X] Output for Feedback pobject.

You have to transfer all of the changes made back onto the affected KNX devices.

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