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Shelly BLU Motion Device Smart Control

Main Controls

Below the Main Controls heading, observe the light status of the room, and Shelly Device battery as a percentage. At the bottom of this page, observe whether or not motion is being detected.

Activity log

Observe the recorded history of the Shelly Device events. See the date, time, and whether or not motion has been detected. An icon of a stationary person indicates that motion was not detected, while an icon of a walking person indicates that motion was detected at the specified time. Located to the left of each recorded activity is a down arrow. Click on the down arrow to see more activity information, such as the Shelly Device battery as a percentage, and the light status of the room.

Application Settings

Click the toggle button to disable activity log reports for this device. Click the APPLY button to save any changes made.


Device Information

Here you can view the Shelly Device ID, Device Mac, and Device Type. Click the clipboard icon to copy the desired information. Click the Delete button to delete this Shelly Device from your account.

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