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Shelly BLU Door/Window Device Smart Control

Main Controls

Below the Main Controls heading, observe the current room light status, and the Shelly Device battery. At the bottom of this tab, observe whether the door/window is open or closed.

Event log

Observe the recorded history of the Shelly Device events. Click the dropdown menu to the left of the date and time, and observe Shelly Device measurements. Shelly Device measurements include the Shelly Device battery as a percentage, light status, and the angle at which the door/window is opened.

Application Settings

Click the toggle button to disable activity log reports for this device.


Beacon mode

Enable/disable beacon mode by clicking the Enable beacon or Disable beacon button.


Encrypt/decrypt transmitted data by click the Encrypt or Decrypt button.

Firmware Update

Click the Check for update button to check if a firmware update is available. Observe your current firmware version. If a newer version is available, you can update your Shelly device by clicking the Update button.

Factory Reset

Reset your Shelly Device to its factory settings by clicking the Factory reset button. Resetting your Shelly Device will revert it to its factory settings and delete it from your Shelly account. All previously set data will be deleted.

Device Information

Here you can view the Shelly Device ID, Device Mac, and Device Type. Click the clipboard icon to copy the desired information. Click the Delete button to delete this Shelly Device from your account.

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