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Shelly BLU Button 1 Device Smart Control

Bluetooth devices can only be configured via the Shelly Smart Control mobile phone application. You will not be able to make changes via the Shelly Smart Control website for this Shelly Device.

Main Controls

Across the top of this page, observe the Shelly Device battery as a percentage.

Observe the Last Reporter of the Shelly Device, and details such as the room, date and time of this report.

Just above the control button, click the Pair button to pair your Shelly Device. Click the Troubleshoot buttons to troubleshoot your Shelly device.

At the bottom of this page, observe the last click of the control button that was used to operate the Shelly Device. You may observe one of a variety of button clicks at one time. A single dot button indicates one short push of the button, two dots indicates two short pushes, and three dots indicates three short pushes. A dash line, on the other hand, represents a long push.


If you have Shelly Device notifications, they will appear on this tab. View the number of notifications for this Shelly Device. Click the X button in the top right corner of the notification box if you wish to delete the notification.

Activity log

Observe the recorded history of the Shelly Device events. See the date, time and type of action executed such as a long or short push of the button.

Find my device

Find your Shelly Devices. Click the button at the button of the page, and the device will start beeping when found.

Application Settings

Click the toggle button exclude this Shelly Device from the global activity log.



Click the Enable buzzer button to enable the buzzer function of the Shelly Device. Click the Disable buzzer button to disable the buzzer of the Shelly Device.

Beacon Mode

Click the Enable beacon button to turn on the Shelly Device beacon. Click the Disable beacon to turn of the Shelly Device beacon.


Click the Encrypt button to encrypt transmitted Shelly Device information. Click the Decrypt button to decrypt transmitted Shelly Device information.

Firmware Update

Shows your current firmware version. Click the Check for update button to check if a firmware updated is available. If a newer firmware version is available, you can update your Shelly device by clicking the Update button.

Factory Reset

Reset your Shelly Device to its factory settings by clicking the Factory reset button. This will disconnect the Shelly Device from your Wi-Fi network, and all associated users, including you, will be removed from this Device. All previously set data will be deleted.

Device Information

Here you can view the Shelly Device ID, Device Mac, and Device Type. Click the clipboard icon to copy the desired information. Click the Delete button if you wish to delete this Shelly Device from your account.

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