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General configuration

Configure Shelly Devices for KNX Communication

Unique Individual address must be used. The format is X.Y.Z as detailed in the KNX specification, where:

  • First number (X or “Area”), is 4 bit sized, with valid values between 1 and 11.
    Values for “Area” of 0, 12, 13, 14, 15 can not be set.

  • Second number (Y or “Line”), is 4 bit sized, with valid values between 1 and 15.
    Value for “Line” of 0 can not be set.

  • Third number (Z or “Device”), is 8 bit sized, with valid values between 1 and 255.
    Value for “Device” of 0 can not be set.

While in a classic KNX network devices can communicate only with devices on the same “Line” segment and the individual address is thus essential, Shelly devices can communicate with devices in all “Areas” and on all “Lines” of the system. Therefore, having setting properly configured has the purpose to avoid address conflicts with other devices and is needed for alignment with KNX system design guidelines.

To communicate with the devices on the KNX bus, a client must establish a connection to the IP interface.
To augment the KNX bus with an IP network, a KNX IP interface must be connected to the bus. This IP interface acts as a KNXnet/IP server. The server will listen for connections via UDP (optionally also TCP).

Only the supported components can be assigned Group addresses. The proper operation of the assigned communication objects to their group addresses is responsibility of the KNX integrator.

Group addresses with three level structure are supported only, i.e. A/B/C, where:

  • 0 A 31

  • 0 B 7

  • 0 C 255

Group address can not be zero, i.e. 0/0/0 is not allowed!

Shelly does not support the range of virtual Group addresses , i.e. A > 31!

General configuration

In order to have the KNX functionality working correctly on a Shelly device all fields in this general configuration section are to be filled correctly - Enable should be on, Individual address should be filled and Multicast address should be in sync with the configuration of the KNX server.

Step 1 - KNX settings page

Navigate to the embedded web interface of your Shelly device. The interface is identical on all devices that have firmware support for KNXnet/IP.
From Menu options in the left side find and click on "KNX".


KNX general settings

Step 2 - Enable KNX feature

Select the Enable checkbox and click on Save settings button. After enabling the feature, the rest of the configuration settings related to KNX become available for editing.


Step 3 - Set KNX individual address

In the field Individual address (physical address) you may change device’s individual address used for communication with other devices on KNX network.
In the example shown, our device's individual address is 1.1.11


Step 4 - Set KNX multicast settings

Open your Multicast setup configuration in the KNXnet/IP server/gateway. Find the multicast IP address configuration setting and configure the Shelly device with the same address. In this field you have to provide IP Address and communication Port settings for the multicast address to match the setting configured in the KNXnet/IP gateway.

  • Address - field to enter the multicast IP address.
    Default address is

  • Port - field to enter the multicast listening port.
    Default port is 3671

Most of the times the default multicast communication settings are being used.

Multicast settings on Schneider Electric Wiser for KNX

Multicast settings on Schneider Electric’s Wiser for KNX

Step 5 - Save and reboot

When all the necessary data is entered in the specified fields, click on Save settings button in order to keep all of the changes made in the General configuration tab.
Upon successful saving a confirmation in green is shown for a short time.

A reboot of the device is required every time a change has been made on this page.

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