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Consumption Page

The Consumption page allows you to view current and overall consumption from a specified time frame. Navigate between Current and Overall consumption pages by clicking on the corresponding tab across the top of the Consumption page.


Total Current Consumption

Clicking on the Current tab takes you to the Current consumption page. At the top of this page, observe the Total Current Consumption value in kilo-Watts (kW). Click the settings icon in the top right corner of the Total Current Consumption section, and set the Gauge Max Value (in kW). This setting is to set a custom max value for the real time energy consumption/generation in kW. Click the Save button to save any changes made.

Consumption By Appliance Type

Observe current consumption by appliance type with units of Watts (W). The different categories are Unknown, Lighting, Cooking, Solar source, and Grid source. In the top right corner of this section there are two buttons: a Logarithmic button and a blue toggle button. Click the Logarithmic button to show the consumption by appliance type on a logarithmic scale, and click it again to return it to the regular scale. Click the blue toggle button to show the data on a pie chart, and click it again to return it to the original format.

Rooms Current Consumption

Observe a chart of room specific current consumption, with values in Watts (W).

Room Specific Current Consumption

Room specific current consumptions are displayed at the bottom of the Current consumption page. Observe each room that is currently consuming power, and the total current power consumption of that room in Watts (W). Below the total power consumption value of a room, observe which devices are consuming power in that room and how much power they are consuming in Watts (W). Clicking the arrow next to the device specific consumption takes you to the Main Controls page of the specific device.


Clicking on Overall tab takes you to a page which gives the total power consumption for the chosen time interval, shown on a chart with units of Watt-hours (Wh), as well as showing charts for each room. At the top of the page, you can select the time interval and the date from which you want data to be shown.

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