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Shelly Plus 2PM - Switch Mode

Status and Control

From left to right across the status and control bar, you see the Device image, name, and a power button . Click the power button to turn your device on/off. Your device is on when there is a blue ring around the power button , and is off when the ring is gray. Directly below the status and control bar is the current Device power in watts.

The status and control bar remains at the top of the Device page when you click on either the Status and control or Settings tab.


This tab only appears for Shelly Devices with power metering (PM) capabilities.

Observe a chart with the Shelly Device consumption displayed in watt-hours (Wh). Above the consumption chart, you can select the time interval and the date from which you want data to be shown. Below the consumption chart you have the option to download the consumption data by clicking the DOWNLOAD button. This downloads a table of your Shelly Device consumption data.

If a firmware update is available, then you will observe a "Firmware Update Available" text below the Consumption chart. Click the UPDATE button to update your Shelly Device firmware.



Allows you to manage the power supply automatically. You may use:

  • Auto on: After turning off, the relay output will be automatically turned on after a predefined time (in seconds).

  • Auto off: After turning on, the relay output will be automatically turned off after a predefined time (in seconds).


Create a weekly schedule for the day(s) and time(s) you want the corresponding device to turn On/Off automatically. You may add up to 20 weekly schedules.

  • Select the day(s) of the week.

  • Choose time interval: time, sunrise, or sunset.

  • Set the time for the specified day(s):

    • Time: Click up/down button, or type in a number, to set a time in hours and minutes.

    • Sunset/Sunrise: The Shelly device may turn on/off automatically at sunrise/sunset, or at a specified time before or after sunrise/sunset. Click up/down button, or type in a number, to set a time in hours and minutes.

  • Set the action as on/off.

This function requires a working connection to the Internet.

Web Hooks

Use events to trigger http endpoints. You can add up to 20 web hooks. Create a web hook:

  • Set web hook name.

  • Active time: May leave as the 24-hour default option or choose an active start and end time.

  • When: Select from a variety of conditions for the button/switch.

    • Input on

    • Input off

    • Button is pushed

    • Button is long pushed

    • Button is double pushed

    • Switch off

    • Switch on

  • Add URLs: Input URL to send the Shelly device a command. You may add up to 5 URLs per web hook, which will be executed one after the other.



Register Shelly Device to connect to up to 2 different Wi-Fi networks. Either input or select the Wi-Fi network. Can select an open network, and also set a static IP address. Enable Wi-Fi 1, or Wi-Fi 2, or both at the same time. If both Wi-Fi 1 and Wi-Fi 2 are enabled, and Shelly Device disconnects from one of the networks, it will connect to the other.

Access Point

Enable to configure Shelly Device to create a Wi-Fi AP and you can connect to its network. Can also set it to be an open network.


Enable to connect Shelly Device to its cloud. This allows you to control it remotely, and receive notifications and updates about your devices.


Enable to allow Bluetooth communication.


Enable to configure Shelly Device to execute actions via MQTT.


With power metering capabilities, the Shelly Device precisely monitors your appliances power consumption.

Max Power Protection

Configure Shelly Device to turn off when power consumption reaches a set value in watts (W). Please note the power range you can set is 0 W - 4480 W.

Max Voltage Protection

Configure Shelly Device to turn off when voltage reaches a set value in volts (V). Please note the max voltage you can set is 280 V.

Max Current Protection

Configure Shelly Device to turn off when the current reaches a set value in amperes (A). Please note the max current you can set is 16 A.

Application Settings

Pin Lock

Enable and set a channel pin lock.

Sync Name

Keep the device name in sync with the name given in the app.

Input State Display

Turn on indicator for the current status of the physical switch connected to Shelly Device. When enabled, a small line appears on the power button, below the power symbol . A red line indicates the physical switch is off, while a blue line indicates the physical switch is on.

Exclude From Event Log

Do not show event log reports for this device in the app.

Consumption Calculation

If your device has power metering capabilities, this application settings is available. Enable/disable exclusion of device from total room/account consumption.


Input an email and share control of the Device with another Shelly Cloud user. The other user will only have access to the Device's power button (on/off), and be able to see the Device Information. The other user cannot see the other device settings.


Device Profile

Set the desired use of your Shelly Device. The current guide section describes Shelly Device settings when the device profile is set to switch. If you’d like to use Shelly Device for cover control (roller shutters, curtains, garage doors, awnings, etc.) then please select cover. Please note that changes to the device profile will restart the device and clear all existing schedules and webhooks.

Input/Output Settings

These settings define the way the attached switch or button controls the output state. The possible input modes are button and switch. You can set the relay type, and relay power condition when the Shelly device has power depending on the preferred usage of the device.

Set relay type:
  • Set Shelly device to be "Toggle" switch. Act as a flip switch with one state for "ON" and one state for "OFF". (Switch only)

  • Set Shelly device to be "Momentary" switch. Push for "ON" or Push for "OFF". (Button only)

  • Set Shelly device to be "Edge" switch. Changes state on every hit. (Switch only)

  • Set Shelly device to be in "Detached" switch mode - switch is separated from the relays. (Button and Switch)

Set relay power on default:
  • On: (Button and Switch) - Configure Shelly device to Turn ON, when it has power.

  • Off: (Button and Switch) - Configure Shelly device to Turn OFF, when it has power.

  • Restore last: (Button and Switch) - Configure Shelly device to Restore the last mode it was in, when it has power.

  • Match input: (Switch only) - Operates the Shelly device according to the state of the switch or button connected to the device

Invert Switch

If enabled, the device will consider the switch is on, while it is actually switched off and vice versa.

Device Name

Set a name for your device.

Firmware Version

Shows your current firmware version. If a newer version is available, you can update your Shelly device by clicking the Update button.

Geo Location And Time Zone

Set your time zone and geo-location manually, or enable/disable automatic detection.

Device Reboot

Reboot your Shelly Device.

Factory Reset

Remove Shelly Device from your account and return it to its factory settings. This will delete all set data.

Device Information

Here you can view the ID, IP and other settings of your device. Upon clicking Edit device, you can change the room, name or image of the device.

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