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Shelly Flood Device Page

Status and control

From left to right across the status and control bar, you see the Device image, name, and flood status (yes/no). Directly below the status and control bar is the current room temperature, date and time.

The status and control bar remains at the top of the Device page, when you click on either the Status and control or Settings tab.


Observe a chart with the Shelly Flood recorded temperature given in ºC/ºF (change this under Device Settings). Above the temperature chart, you can select the time interval and the date from which you want data to be shown. The temperature chart shows the maximum and minimum temperature of the room throughout the chosen time interval. Below the temperature chart you have the option to download the temperature data by clicking the DOWNLOAD button. This downloads a table of your Shelly H&T temperature data.

If a firmware update is available, then you will observe a "Firmware Update Available" text below the humidity chart. Click the UPDATE button to update your Shelly Device firmware.


Sensor Settings

Temperature Units

Select ºC/ºF to be the units shown the temperature on the display.

Temperature Threshold

Input a value for the threshold temperature change which will cause the Device to wake up and trigger a sensor data report. (Min: 0.5 - Max: 5)

Temperature Offset

Set the temperature offset. The value must be between -50 and 50.

Rain Mode

In this mode, the device will not set off the alarm when there is water. The Device will report when the water status has changed.

I/O and Sensor Actions

When Shelly Flood wakes up, the following actions will be executed.

For each possible condition, check the checkbox to enable the condition. Input up to 5 URLs in order to trigger http endpoints. Set a start and end time for these actions.

I/O conditions:

  • Sensor reports

  • Flood detected

  • Flood gone

Sensor Actions

  • Temperature over

  • Temperature under



Register the Shelly device to connect to up to 2 different Wi-Fi networks. Either input or select the Wi-Fi network. Can select an open network, and also set a static IP address. Enable Wi-Fi 1, or Wi-Fi 2, or both at the same time. If both Wi-Fi 1 and Wi-Fi 2 are enabled, and the Shelly device disconnects from one of the networks, it will connect to the other.

Access Point

Enable to configure the Shelly device to create a Wi-Fi AP and you can connect to its network. Can also set it to be an open network.

Wi-Fi Reconnect

Connect the Shelly Device to the strongest Wi-Fi network.

Restrict Login

Restrict the web interface of the device with a Username and Password.

Application Settings

Exclude From Event Log

Do not show event log reports for this device in the app.

Sync Name

Keep the device name in sync with the name given in the app.


Input an email and share control of the Device with another Shelly Cloud user. The other user will only have access to the Device's power button (on/off), and be able to see the Device Information. The other user cannot see the other device settings.


Firmware Update

Shows your current firmware version. If a newer version is available, you can update your Shelly device by clicking the Update button.

Geo Location And Time Zone

Set your time zone and geo-location manually, or enable/disable automatic detection.

Device Name

Set a name for your device.

Factory Reset

Remove Shelly Device from your account and return it to its factory settings. This will delete all set data.

Device Info

Here you can view the ID, IP and other settings of your device. Upon clicking Edit device, you can change the room, name or image of the device.

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