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Device status, control and settings

In order to access the Shelly Device settings, click on the room they are located in, and then the device itself. Devices with potential free contacts only have the Settings tab, while Devices with power metering capabilities have an additional Status and Control tab.

The status and control bar goes across the top of the Device page with a cloud, reload, and share icon on the left-hand side. If the cloud icon is white, your Device is connected to the Shelly Cloud, and if gray, your Device is not connected to the Shelly Cloud. If the reload icon is white, then you Device requires a firmware update, and if gray, your Device does not require a firmware update. If the share icon is white, then the Device is being shared with you. The status and control bar always remains at the top of the Device page. Depending on the Shelly Device and its capabilities, there may be additional Device information displayed below the control and status bar such as power, voltage, humidity, temperature, battery percentage and more.

See below for device specific Status and Control, and Settings.

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